SCRCA Heritage Hotspot 09: Langwathby Station

This page allows you to 'virtually visit' the Langwathby Station section of the Settle-Carlisle Railway Conservation Area (SCRCA). The responsive grid below shows all of the assessed standing structures at the station.   Show / hide tips

  • As this page is intended to encourage and inform a 'real world' visit, structures are only displayed if they are visible from a publicly accessible location and if a default image is available.
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Practical Considerations

If you are considering a 'real world' visit to Langwathby Station, you might like to note that the station lies on the south-eastern edge of the village and the route between station and village centre is paved throughout.

All of the structures featured on this page are visible from the station platforms, the station car-park and / or the station approach road. The frontage of the workers' cottages can be viewed by walking a few hundred yards (turn left at the end of the station approach road, then bear left).

For information about the passenger-related facilities available at this station (toilets, booking facilities, etc.), see:
This page includes links to timetables and other useful information about the train service.

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