SCRCA Structure 251240: Packsaddle Bridge beside Dent Head Viaduct

SCRCA Location Introduction

This historic and attractive little road bridge lies on the original alignment of the road linking Dentdale with the Hawes-Ingleton Road at the head of Ribblesdale. The road at Dent Head was re-aligned circa 1869 to create room for the Settle-Carlisle Railway - hence the inclusion of this structure in the SCRCA Database.

In the default image below, the packsaddle bridge is viewed through and framed by two of the piers of Dent Head Viaduct. The limestone blocks used to construct the viaduct are massive by comparison with the relatively small gritstone blocks used to construct the packsaddle bridge.

When viewing the enlarged versions of the images in the main gallery below, note the contrast in scale between the viaduct and the packhorse bridge: the towering magnificence of the railway viaduct makes the old road bridge look like a scale model.

The Grade II listed packsaddle bridge beside Dent Head Viaduct (from the west)

Key details from the Location Record

Location Type
Other location (not SCR)
Location Variant
Not Applicable
Assessment status
Current Use(s)
Shown on a land plan?
Construction / installation period
1: Pre-dates the Settle-Carlisle Railway (pre 1869)
Distance from London St.Pancras
251 miles (chains not estimated)
Position relative to running lines
This location IS visible from nearby publicly accessible land.
Accessibility (ease of access)
Protection Category
Listed, Grade II
Geographic Location
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