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November 2012

SCRCA Primary Reference: Review of 1911 Midland Railway Land Plan (Sheet 75) for 290930

Created on 9 Nov 2012.

The 1911 MR landplan shows a signal box (possibly this structure) located on the 'up' side at 290 miles 74 chains.

SCRCA Primary Reference: Review of cab-view video footage by Video125 (2002) for 290840

Created on 9 Nov 2012.

The structure is visible in part 3 at position 1:14:07. The south elevation and an oblique view of the east elevation are clearly visible, albeit at low-quality due to train movement. The structure is already in poor condition: the steps have gone (removed or collapsed?), the windows are without glazing and the woodwork is deteriorating. The lamp hut is still in-situ to the south of the coal bunker.

SCRCA Secondary Reference: Review of Anderson & Fox (1986) for 290840

Created on 9 Nov 2012.

Figure 65 is the trackplan for Long Meg Sidings from a Midland Railway Survey of 1912 and this shows a signal box on the 'Up' side to the north of the siding turnout (see SCRCA Structure 290930). Figure 66 is the trackplan based on an LMS landplan dated 1927 and no signal box is shown - the caption states that the sidings were controlled via a "covered lever stage (ground-frame)" at this period. Plate 174 is a photograph of Long Meg signalbox at about the turn of the 20th century. These… Read more

SCRCA Primary Reference: Review of 1911 Midland Railway Land Plan (Sheet 75) for 290840

Created on 9 Nov 2012.

There is no signal box or other structure marked at this location. A signal box is shown a little further north on the 'up' side at 290 miles 74 chains - see Structure ID 290930.

October 2012

SCRCA Knowledge Base for Ribblehead Station

Created on 22 Oct 2012.

A station at Ribblehead was not included in the original plans for the Settle-Carlisle Railway (the initial plan being to serve upper Ribblesdale from a station at Selside). It is not clear why the plans were changed, but in 1875 the Midland Railway Company sought Additional Powers to purchase an extra slice of land to the south-east of the Ingleton - Hawes road in order to build a station closer to the head of the Ribble Valley. The request was granted and a station was duly built, complete… Read more