SCRCA Note: Demolition and replacement of Ribblehead Station 'Down' platform and waiting shelter

Submitted by mark.harvey / Sun, 17/02/2013 - 10:59
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The original northbound ('Down') platform and waiting room at Ribblehead Station (Structure IDs 247220 and 247230 respectively) were demolished shortly after the station's closure to passenger traffic on May 4th, 1970. The removal of these redundant structures allowed the nearby transfer sidings for Ribblehead Quarry to be extended. Following the line's reprieve from closure on April 11th, 1989, passenger traffic steadily increased and the absence of a northbound platform began to cause significant inconvenience for both locals and visitors alike. To address the problem, a new northbound ('Down') platform and adjacent waiting shelter were constructed (Structure IDs 247130 and 247135 respectively) and these opened for passenger traffic on May 28th, 1993.