Review of primary source: List of Network Rail bridges supplied on 19th February 2015

On 16th January 2015, a Mr Daniel Hanson contacted Network Rail Limited to request "a list (either spreadsheet or PDF format) of all Bridges on Network Rail infrastructure". On February 19th 2015, Network Rail responded to that request.

Full details of the request and response can be viewed via the following link:

We have reviewed the list provided by Network Rail and created an extract containing key information for the bridges that lie within the SCRCA and the results can be viewed / downloaded in pdf format (698kb) via the following link:

The bridge names have been compared with those contained in an earlier list (supplied by Network Rail to Nigel J. Mussett in 2010) and the Location Records have been amended where necessary to reflect the new information.

A number of extant bridges are 'missing' from the 2015 list and these include the tunnels, demolished structures and some culverts. (The latter are mostly less than 6’-0” diameter, although there are some exceptions.) The reason for these 'omissions' is not clear, although it may reflect inspection requirements and associated budgeting protocols.

For some of the railway-related bridges within the SCRCA, the source data includes a year of construction and / or a year of reconstruction. For ease of reference, the relevant entries have been extracted and compiled into the table below. The years of reconstruction have also been incorporated into the body text and footnote 8 of The SCRCA Project - 2: Background and Context page.

Years of construction and / or reconstruction
SKW1/33 1891 1977
SKW1/48 1849  
SAC/19   2010
SAC/73 1872  
SAC/74 1870  
SAC/84 1875  
SAC/85 1875  
SAC/100 1873  
SAC/102 1873  
SAC/110 1870  
SAC/113 1874  
SAC/117 1871  
SAC/121 1875  
SAC/127 1872  
SAC/149 1873  
SAC/150 1871  
SAC/151 1871  
SAC/153 1873  
SAC/156 1871  
SAC/157 1872  
SAC/181   1978
SAC/184 1872  
SAC/185 1872  
SAC/190 1873  
SAC/199 1871  
SAC/203 1874 1949
SAC/208 1872  
SAC/209 1870  
SAC/211 1871  
SAC/212 1873  
SAC/229 1872  
SAC/236 1871  
SAC/238 1875  
SAC/240 1979  
SAC/241 1870  
SAC/242 1872  
SAC/244 1873  
SAC/245 1871  
SAC/246 1904 1980
SAC/247   2010
SAC/248 1871  
SAC/249 1871  
SAC/252 1874  
SAC/254   2013
SAC/256 1873  
SAC/259   2009
SAC/261 1870  
SAC/263 1871  
SAC/266 1870  
SAC/268 1872  
SAC/269 1904 2012
SAC/273 1874  
SAC/278 1874  
SAC/279 1904 2013
SAC/281 1875  
SAC/282 1875  
SAC/288   1989
SAC/289 1872  
SAC/295   2010
SAC/297 1871 2001
SAC/298 1872  
SAC/299 1872  
SAC/300 1875  
SAC/301 1875  
SAC/302 1871  
SAC/303 1873  
SAC/317   1904
SAC/344 1871  
SAC/346 1871  


These notes and the accompanying extracts were created by Mark R. Harvey and David J. O'Farrell.

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