SCRCA Note relating to station footbridges

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Only one railway station on the Settle-Carlisle line was provided with a purpose-built passenger footbridge by the Midland Railway Company. That was Appleby Station. For well over a century, passengers at all of the other stations between Settle Junction and Petteril Bridge Junction used foot crossings known as barrow crossings to cross the rails at the sloping ends of the 'Up' and 'Down' platforms. Even the footbridge at Appleby was not part of the Midland Railway Company's original plans for the line, as is clearly indicated by its bridge number - 236A (the 'A' indicates that it was an addition, after the other bridges had already been assigned their numbers). We have not yet ascertained with certainty when this footbridge was installed, but a footbridge is shown at this location on the Midland Railway Company land plans dated 1911.

The footbridge currently located at Settle Station was originally installed on the station at Prestonpans (a small village in the county of East Lothian, Scotland, approximately 9 miles east of Edinburgh). When the bridge became redundant due to the electrification of the East Coast Main Line, it was carefully dismantled. It was installed at Settle station in March 1993 as part of a project to raise the height of the platforms.

The footbridge currently located at Kirkby Stephen Station was originally built in 1895 for the Midland Railway Company's station at Guiseley in West Yorkshire. It was removed from Guiseley circa 1996, prior to the electrification of the Wharfedale and Airedale lines. Following its dismantling, it was stored in a yard in Huddersfield. It was transported to Kirkby Stephen station by low-loader and craned into its new position on Friday 26th November 1999.