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The current Hellifield Station was built by the Midland Railway Company and it opened in 1880. Its extra long platforms and extra large buildings allowed full trainloads of passengers to disembark briefly to obtain food and drink and to use the 'conveniences' provided in the station buildings.

Both of these services were especially important during the early years of the station's operation because railway carriages did not have corridors, restaurant / buffet cars or, for third class passengers, toilets.

Two locomotive depots were built beside the station (one for the Midland Railway Company and one for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company). These enabled the locomotives to be quickly changed (for refuelling and servicing), thereby minimising the delay to through services.

The eastern end of Hellifield Station is still used for passenger services running on Britain's national railway network.

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Key details from the Location Record

Location Type
Railway Station
Location Variant
Station Status - Open (Served by passenger trains)
Assessment status
Current Use(s)
Commercial, Railway ops
Shown on a land plan?
Construction / installation period
3: MR operational phase (1st Jan 1877 to 31st Dec 1922)
Distance from London St.Pancras
231 miles and 22 chains
Position relative to running lines
Both sides
This location IS visible from nearby publicly accessible land.
Accessibility (ease of access)
Protection Category
Site within Conservation Area
Geographic Location
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