SCRCA structure 256650: Hawes Junction

SCRCA Location Introduction

For the purposes of the SCRCA Project, 'Hawes Junction' is the point where the former branch line to Hawes and stations to Northallerton officially begins. Trains to / from the branch line used the platform face to the right of the island platform (see right-centre in the large image below). The former trackbed is now used as a driveway and parking area. The official 'zero point' for the branch line was located beside (to the right of) the booking office (i.e. the nearest building visible on the island platform - see Structure 256660). However, the trailing junction from the main Settle-Carlisle line was behind and to the left of the photographer's position. The map-marker for the junction has been placed at the approximate location of the official 'zero point'.

Garsdale Railway Station and Hawes Junction from the southwest

Key details from the Location Record

Location Type
Location Variant
Not Applicable
Assessment status
Current Use(s)
Shown on a land plan?
Construction / installation period
MR-C: Constructed by the Midland Railway Co. between 1869 and 31st December 1876.
Distance from London St.Pancras
256 miles and 54 chains
Position relative to running lines
This location IS visible from nearby publicly accessible land.
Accessibility (ease of access)
Protection Category
Not Applicable - demolished or relocated
Geographic Location
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