SCRCA Location Type: Railway Station

Location Type Code
A map showing the location of the Settle-Carlisle Railway Conservation Area (SCRCA).
railway stations.

A railway station is a place where passenger trains stop (or used to stop prior to closure) in order to pick-up and set-down passengers. Within the SCRCA, each railway station also had adjacent or nearby facilities for handling goods (freight), although those at Carlisle were some distance away from the passenger facilities.

The diagram (see right or below) shows the relative position of the railway stations within the SCRCA. (To view a larger version, click / tap on the thumbnail.)

Many of the most characterful and interesting structures within the Settle Carlisle Railway Conservation Area (SCRCA) are clustered around - and are directly associated with - the railway stations. Each station associated with the SCRCA originally included at least one example of most (usually all) of the following location types:

Over the course of one and a half centuries, some of these structures have been modified or replaced with newer versions and some have been removed completely. However, a significant number have survived the passage of time in a relatively unaltered form.


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SCRCA Location Variant: Station Status - Open (Served by passenger trains)

Location ID: 231281

Hellifield Station

Location ID: 232491

Long Preston Station

Location ID: 236491

Settle Station

Location ID: 242581

Horton-in-Ribblesdale Station

Location ID: 247241

Ribblehead Station

Location ID: 253381

Dent Station

Location ID: 256661

Garsdale Station

Location ID: 266561

Kirkby Stephen Station

Location ID: 277271

Appleby Station

Location ID: 288281

Langwathby Station

Location ID: 292561

Lazonby & Kirkoswald Station

Location ID: 298111

Armathwaite Station

Location ID: 308101

Carlisle Citadel Station

SCRCA Location Variant: Station Status - Closed (No passenger service)

Location ID: 234491

Settle Junction Station

Location ID: 269811

Crosby Garrett Station

Location ID: 274801

Ormside Station

Location ID: 280211

Long Marton Station

Location ID: 283351

New Biggin Station

Location ID: 284711

Culgaith Station

Location ID: 289651

Little Salkeld Station

Location ID: 301261

Cotehill Station

Location ID: 304141

Cumwhinton Station

Location ID: 305331

Scotby Station


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